Wu Tang Collection – BLACK MASK 3

Wu Tang Collection – BLACK MASK 3
Director: Ko Chun-Kit
Cast: Louis Fan Siu Wong, Cheng Pei Pei, Philip Ko, Nagai Ritsuko.

Fan Siu-Wong stars as Fu Tien-Ming, a young man who becomes known as Shadow Mask. When his fated arch-nemesis Red Goddess (Cheng Pei-Pei) escapes from prison with the help of her henchmen, she has plans to get rid of Shadow Mask for good.
Meanwhile, Fu has been asked to protect a biogeneticist, Sandy Sheung (Japanese actress Ritsuko Nagai), who has stumbled onto a major breakthrough in her research. In fact, this information can be very useful to Red Goddess, who sends her cohort Blood Eagle (Gwennie Tam) to distract Fu by seducing his best friend Jacky (Samuel Leung). When the truth is revealed, Jacky has already been brainwashed and turned into a henchmen, Now Shadow Mask must stop Red Goddess and her cohorts once and for all to save Sandy before she ends up dead.

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