The truth about actor Wu Jing

The truth about actor Wu Jing
Wu Jing ( born 3 April 1974) is a martial artist, actor and Director, famous for the tv series category and Hong Kong’s martial arts cinema.
Wu Jing “main lineage in the yellow States”, one “upper right triangle” of Manchuria. he was born in Beijing-China in a martial arts family. He is an only child, his father was from the tiny tight because of temperament, his hyperactive mischief.

The age of six, he was taken on at the martial arts martial arts school in Beijing in the 1970s Survey. At 13 years old, he was selected on the Beijing Wushu Team. Here he became acquainted with the strenuous training under the instruction of master Wu full moon, who had been training for Li, Donnie and Zhao. the following time, due to excessive workout, he degenerated spinal bones, which leads to paralyzing two …

After discharge, though still not quite out of the legs, but he was still determined to back collective power as a class how you. Master Ngo full moon helped Wu Jing overcame the difficulty during this time, he took him to the martial arts contest, at which he was 16 years old. Within two years, he has brought about a series of national champion titles of the contents such as rights, knife, spear …

1992 (18 years), an injury while wrestling for the right leg of Wu Jing serious injuries leading to risk of disabilities, that makes you feel very dissapointed, daunting. He moved out in private, alienating friends, family. Until one day, when markets buy food, Wu Jing caught the bad guys are raping a girl, he hands out to expel them, then realized his right leg had a feeling.because of this, Wu Jing was the newspaper citation. He has belief back and determination of treatment by physical therapy.
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