The Life of Bruce Lee – Learning From Legends

The Life of Bruce Lee – Learning From Legends
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In this post I’ll be breaking down the life of Bruce Lee in-depth, to discover what we can learn from the dragon. We’ve discussed his training methods, his philosophies, and more – but now it’s time to look at his decisions, personality, and beliefs. What made him the man he was? What should we ‘absorb’ and what should we ‘reject’.

A few things we can take from his life right now: Bruce took action on enacting his plans, he was passionate about the things he loved, and he was dedicated. Moreover though, he had a unifying philosophy and approach to life that acted as a compass and helped him to find meaning in everything he did.

This life of Bruce Lee video is the second in my ‘Learning From Legends’ series. Check out the Arnie video, and head over to Patreon if you want to vote on who will be covered next 😀 Enjoy!

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