Michelle Yeoh celebrates her first trip to the Golden Globes, Kieran Culkin has a plan for hot tub d

Michelle Yeoh celebrates her first trip to the Golden Globes, Kieran Culkin has a plan for hot tub d
Michelle Yeoh says she “hoped and prayed” for this moment to be at the Golden Globe Awards.
“Well this is my first Golden Globes,” said the “Crazy Rich Asians” actress. “I had to wait a very long time so I’m very excited to be here. It means a lot. It means so much to be here. It tells us that we are part of the community that we should be part of, for a very long time.”
While Yeoh was experiencing her first Golden Globe Awards ceremony, “If Beale Street Could Talk” director Barry Jenkins said he was glad to be enjoying his second.
“Oh it’s cool man. The last time I was here, it was all new and exciting and whatnot. And now I’m just here to see the other filmmakers you know,” said Jenkins. “This one’s a party, you know, the sun is out, you get inside, the champagne, there’s wine everywhere. Yeah, it’s kind of dope. And I think also too, you know, making this film was a dream of mine to be here and see that it’s being recognized with HFPA, it just means everything.”
Returning to the Globes after 16 years was Kieran Culkin, nominated for his performance in “Succession.” The actor said he wasn’t planning on drinking during the ceremony as he treated it as a “work event,” but he had big plans after the show.  
“Our plan is, my wife and I, at the end of the night, we’re gonna go fill up the tub, jump in in our tux_ they don’t know this yet, we’re gonna ruin it and have to pay for it_ and have a bottle of champagne and get drunk then, at the end of the night,” said Culkin.
Elsie Fisher– a best actress nominee for “Eighth Grade” –said she was excited to be at the Globes but admitted she’d be doing math homework later.
Director Bo Burnham comforted her: “No one here is good at math. You can feel like you’re in good company. If you’re here it means you’re bad at math your whole life.”

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