Louis Tomlinson FIRES BACK Against Rude Radio Host & Fans REACT

Louis Tomlinson FIRES BACK Against Rude Radio Host & Fans REACT
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Who in their right mind thinks they can shade a celebrity while introducing them in an interview?! Spoiler: you can’t. Australian radio host Ash London and her co-hosts Ash Williams and Ed Kavalee said some rather rude things about Louis Tomlinson while introducing his interview on their show. And by rude- we’re talking about this:

So on top of not knowing exactly who Louis Tomlinson is, they made fun of his “small” head, his “ratty” facial hair, called him “skinny”, said he’s “basically not Harry Styles”, and called Louis the least popular one of the group. And you wonder why we have a bullying problem in the world?

Anyways, Ash London tried to save her show after all that saying QUOTE, “But he surprised us all with his solo music!” But unfortunately for her, the damage was already done. Even though Ash didn’t say most of the nasty words, it was HER show. Once Louis’ fans got wind of the interview they came for Ash the only way they know how: on Twitter. One fan responded, “He’s Louis Tomlinson, the one with the biggest charity rep, he’s the one with the big heart. F*ck off, Ash London.”

These responses prompted Ash to make a statement on Twitter writing, “We love Louis and will continue supporting him and his new music as we have always done.” Buuuuut that wasn’t really good enough for fans seeing as that wasn’t an apology.

Ash tweeted again, this time apologizing for describing Louis’ facial hair but not for the other things that were said. Ash ended by saying, “I’ll be off socials for a bit- the abuse and threats are a bit much for me right now.” And in an interesting turn of events Louis HIMSELF chimed into the conversation. He responded directly to Ash’s tweet with some shade of his own writing, “Probs best to stay on private for a bit longer love !” Yup, he also included the middle finger emoji.

Yes, his tweet is hilarious. But some folks think this is NOT cool of Louis to encourage his fans that make threats online. What do you guys think? Was Louis right to tweet back at her for the rude comments or should he have stayed out of it? Tell us your opinion below!

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