Lady Gaga, Harrison Ford, Spike Lee, Michelle Yeoh react to mass shooting in Thousand Oaks

Lady Gaga, Harrison Ford, Spike Lee, Michelle Yeoh react to mass shooting in Thousand Oaks
The union representing actors was celebrating its own Thursday (8 NOVEMBER) night in Beverly Hills.
But many attendees acknowledged they were somber in the wake of news from a city just 35 miles northwest.
Wednesday night, 12 were killed during a mass shooting in Thousand Oaks nightclub. Authorities identified the shooter as a former U.S. Marine who was armed with a legally purchased .45-caliber Glock 21 handgun.
“Last night’s shooting is another reminder that we have to do better,” said recording artist and actress Lady Gaga. “There is so much that we need to do in this world,” she continued.
Gaga, widely considered a current awards-season contender for her performance in the musical “A Star is Born,” was among those honored by The SAG-AFTRA Foundation at its annual Patron of the Artists Awards.
The Foundation, which provides assistance to union members in need, also honored studio executive Jeffrey Katzenberg, director Spike Lee and actor Harrison Ford.
“I wish that we could hear more appropriate language from our leadership,” noted Ford, referring to US President Donald Trump’s response to the shootings. “It’s very sad. And my heart goes out to all those people.”
Director Lee, himself buzzed as an awards-season contender for “BlacKkKlansman,” a sometimes-humorous commentary on modern-day America that Lee refuses to call a “comedy.”
When asked about Wednesday tragedy, Lee immediately placed the blame on Trump.
“Well, I think that this guy in the White House is really responsible for all this stuff,” Lee said. “He set the tone. And his base his following up on it, and gone overboard. So, we live in a very tricky moment in history the United States of America.”
Emmy winner Henry Winkler, an event attendee, isn’t a big fan of the current POTUS either.
“Unbelievable,” commented the “Barry” actor. “We can spend a lot of money and send troops to the border for an invasion that isn’t happening. But we can do nothing about the incredible loss of life that is happening with such frequency — for real in our country.”
Veteran Malaysian superstar Michelle Yeoh, now riding high in Hollywood thanks to the TV series “Star Trek: Discovery” and the box-office hit “Crazy Rich Asians,” said, “It’s so heartbreaking for, you know, families to have to deal with this. And, often enough, I don’t understand your gun rules, and I don’t claim to understand it at all, because, you know, in Asia, we just don’t have. It is not allowed. And why do you have to carry weapons that are even bigger and stronger than your police force? You know, I don’t understand that. And when you can buy guns so easily, it’s very scary when the people who are mentally not stable still have access to that. I hope your government, your president will protect his people better, because you deserve to be protected.”

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