Jackie Chan in Conversation

Jackie Chan in Conversation
20 years after he first appeared in front of cameras in Australia, martial arts superstar and acting legend Jackie Chan gave his first public talk at Sydney Opera House. Exploring his extraordinary life and career – from the ’78 Hong Kong hit Drunken Master and Hollywood breakthrough Rumble in the Bronx to the upcoming Bleeding Steel (to be filmed in Sydney) – the Chinese superstar discussed his signature blend of comedy and kung-fu, his life-long commitment to philanthropy, and his relationship with Australia since first living here with his family.

At seven years of age, Jackie Chan was enrolled in the China Drama Academy to hone his skills in martial arts and Chinese Opera. As the Hong Kong film industry reached a new peak in popularity, he jumped into stunt-work, quickly gaining a reputation for his inventive and fearless style. When the local film industry suffered a decline, he relocated to Australia to join his family but returned to Hong Kong to achieve the break-through movie success that set him on the path to becoming the screen icon we know today.

A tireless cultural ambassador who has revolutionised the film industry, Jackie Chan delighted audiences as he discussed his celebrated life and career during an intimate and lively discussion on the Concert Hall stage.


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