Attrition Official Trailer

Attrition Official Trailer
365Flix releases the Official Trailer of martial arts/action film, Attrition starring Steven Seagal, Luis Fan Siu Wong, Yu Kang, Sergey Badyuk. James Bennet.

After years of combat, Special Ops leader Axe struggles to cope with the endless death he has both caused and witnessed during his time as a killing machine. Axe removes himself from conventional society and finds himself deep within the heart of the remote jungles of Asia where he tries to come to terms with the life he has lived.

Haunted by visions of his past and the horrors of war, Axe falls into a deep despair. Finding strength and spirituality from the teachings of Kung Fu and Buddhist traditions, Axe endeavors to change his way of life.

Flash forward: Axe lives in a small, tranquil village and spends his days healing the sick and injured at the clinic he has created. Along with his assistant San, Axe performs various therapies for a kind and receptive community. Axe, by all appearances, is a reformed man, living a peaceful life with the dogs of war far behind him.

When local girls start to go missing, Axe’s inner warrior rears its ferocious head. Determined to bring the girls home safely, he enlists his band of mercenaries together for one last epic mission.

Cast: Steven Seagal, Louis Fan Siu Wong, Yu Kang, Rudy Youngblood, Kat Ingkarat, James P. Bennett, Sergey Badyuk, Cha-Lee Yoon

Director: Mathieu Weschler

Producers: Steven Seagal, Philippe Martinez

Genre: Action & Adventure, Martial Arts

World Premiere: September 14, 2018

Run Time: 1:30:55

Size: 5.75 GB (1080p HD), 5.32 GB (720p HD), 2.52 GB (SD)

Format: Widescreen

Rated: R for sequences of action violence, bloody images, some suggestive material and language