ATTRITION: International Trailer (Steven Seagal, Louis Fan, Yu Kang)

ATTRITION: International Trailer (Steven Seagal, Louis Fan, Yu Kang)
Sales Agent: Saradan Media
Genre: Martial Arts/Action/Thriller
Writer: Steven Seagal
Director: Mathieu Weschler
Producers: Steven Seagal and Philippe Martinez

Cast: Steven Seagal, Louis Fan Sir Wong, Yu Kang

SYNOPSIS: After years of combat, Special Ops leader Axe struggles to cope with the endless death he has both caused and witnessed during his time as a killing machine. Axe removes himself from conventional society and finds himself deep within the heart of the remote jungles of Asia where he tries to come to terms with the life he has lived. Haunted by visions of his past and the horrors of war, Axe falls into a deep despair. Finding strength and spiritualism from the teachings of Kung Fu and Buddhist traditions, Axe endeavors to change his way of life.Flash forward. Axe lives in a small, tranquil village and spends his days healing the sick and injured at the clinic he has created. Along with his assistant San, Axe performs various therapies for a loving and receptive community. Axe, by all appearances, is a reformed man, living a peaceful life with the dogs of war far behind him. But darkness persists in the hearts of men. And local girls have started to go missing.

Ruthless Crime Lord Qmom suffers from a curse that prevents him from walking in the sun. To pass his solitary time, he deals in kidnapping, human trafficking, murder, and extortion. Black Claw Ma, Qmom’s right hand, threatens a local gambling addict who reveals to Ma that he knows of a mysterious young girl, Tara, who holds special magical powers. The gambler convinces Ma that the girl can lift Qmom’s sun curse. The gambler is spared and debts removed in exchange for giving up the location of the girl. Ma and his henchmen kidnap Tara and bring her to Qmom where he forces Tara to work her magic on him or be faced with him killing everyone she loves.

Tara’s tearful father appeals to Axe, relating that Axe may be the only one capable of rescuing his daughter. Tara visits Axe in a dream, telling him to come for her. Axe knows only one language the ruthless Qmom and Black Claw Ma will understand is violence. He assembles his old combat team members Hollywood, Infidel, Scarecrow, and Yinying to go after Qmom and take down his organization to save the sacred Tara and return her to her family and village. With the help of his former team and Chen Man, the owner of the local blues bar and former fellow student of the same great IP master, Axe reverts back to his Special Ops leadership to destroy Qmom’s organization and remind his community of the importance of the teachings and lessons to be learned from Kung Fu.