All kicks, punches by Jacky Wu Jing

All kicks, punches by Jacky Wu Jing
Badass Jacky Wu Jing and all his kicks with punches.
My 2nd favorite martial arts actor, after Donnie Yen.
It is possible to tell about Jacky Wu Jing – that, he is a real asian fighter among the younger generation of Chinese martial arts action stars.
One of his best fights – with Donnie Yen from SPL: Kill Zone.
Also from him you will see the most beautiful action scenes.
But to be honest, I love all his fight scenes.

Movies used in this mashup video:
“Tai Chi Boxer” – in my opinion, the most funny kung fu movie (directed by Yuen Woo Ping) at the beginning of his career
“Zu Warriors” or “The Legend of Zu” – nothing to lose if you miss this film
“Drunken Monkey” – when the monkey gets drunk, this style turns on
“SPL: Kill Zone” or “Saat po long” – lightning-fast punches and kicks
“Fatal Contact” – martial arts with some sort of boxing
“Twins Mission” – combat from twins
“Invisible Target” – in this film, he played a badass kung fu bandit
“Fatal Move” or “Triad Wars”
“Legendary Assassin” – one of his best films
“Metallic Attraction: Kungfu Cyborg” – chinese transformers
“City Under Siege” – i would give 7 out of 10
“Wind Blast” – if nothing else to do, you can see this cinema product
“Shaolin” – dramatically, very dramatically
“Badge of Fury” – comedy with Jet Li
“Wolf Warrior” – yes, you got it – Wu Jing vs Scott Adkins
“SPL 2: A Time for Consequences” or “Saat po long 2” – Wu Jing vs Tony Jaa, they showed excellent action scenes
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