(13) Louis Logic – Fair Weather Fan

(13) Louis Logic – Fair Weather Fan
Produced by Memo for Molemen, Inc.
Co-Produced by J.J.Brown
Pot To Piss In Publishing, BMI
Mixed by J.J. Brown, Celph Titled and Louis Logic

I was asked to write a thank you passage for the liner notes of this album, and i’d like the record to reflect that I did not want to do this, as inevitably i will forget someone who really deserves thanking.

That said, I’d like to thank my mother and father for adopting me and allowing me to experiment as experiment as extensively as i have in finding my voice, to all of my nieces and nephews who have supported me (but particulary Andrew, Jade, Brittany, Alicia, Jaymelee, and Justin), my siblings, Jamie, David, Tracie, and Georgia, and my extended family in PA and NY, Guy too, to my brother Chistian Bixler for never leading me astray, to Celph Titled & J.J.Brown for their incomprehensible patience, and to The Avid Record Collector, Memo, King Honey, Apathy, Reas , Famous Dan, Dave Hohman, Matt Conaway, Killah Kev, Fza, Shanti,, Richard Robinson, Matt Slywka, and Cimer for their contributions to this album. I’d like to extend acknowledgement to the following associates and friends as well. My baby Astra, 7L & Esoteric, Crisis Carter, Jim Slade, J Grand, Chum, One Two, Mike Velasco, Tim Travis, D. Minor, Muneshine, Insight, Happ G, Scan, A.C., Omar, Mek, Unknown, MarkBostic, Ryan, Tobber, Fat Beats Dan, Pizzo, Lexicon, Mike Plunkett, Cheapshot, MajikMOST, Tim & Marleen, Pablo, Virtuoso, 3H, Mike Caren, Miranda, M.F.Doom, Barry Perlman, Mister Jason, Mike Jax, Adam Walder, Wiff, Brad, Jason, Bones, Hugo, Meddafore, NuNu, Ed Wong, Eric Laskosky, Space 1026, Cue & Armand’s Records. Bobby Brew, Maggi, Kolli, Benni, Rick Rude, Keino, Squeeky and the Head Detective, Slug, Beef, Adam, Molemen, ANders Brandt, Samantha Cox, Outerspace, Mountain Brothers, T-Ruckus, Chris Kintner, Jeff Mariani, Elemental Mag, Jedi Mind Tricks, Mike McRath, Media 101, R-SON, Jay Love, Charlie Bawles, Eddie Bones, Hot Rod Ray Fernandez, Top Notch, Maylay Sparks, L-Fudge, Rise, Flipside, Mo Young, J-Zone, Grand Agent, Bahamadia, Chops, DJ Contakt, This is where the generic escape clause that all those who were forgotten are also thanked goes. I was going to include a list of people whom i wished to see fall from a high bulding, but you guys suck, and dont deserve the shine. And one more,.. Nick G. the best fan that ever became a friend.